My Ipsy Glambag January 2018 what’s in it?

Hello friends and beautiful Betty’s! Today I will be showing you what I was in my January 2018 Ipsy glambag.
The bag I got this month is a pretty blue mesh sporty looking bag with neon yellow and pink . This is most likely a bag I will be using for other things and definitely will be keeping . The one thing I do notice between the Sephora Play Box bags and Ipsy Glambags are the Ipsy Glambags are more well constructed . Normally the Sephora play bags are just a regular type drawstring bag that they put some ribbon in, the Ipsy Bags are actual little makeup bags they’re very cute I’ve liked most months that I’ve gotten.

Diving into our actual glambag I see a litle a little insert that they include each month it says I will conquer and it has a blank space that you can enter something that you want to conquer. As the first Ispy box of the new year this is all about empowering you for to reach goals in 2018.

The back of the insert reads as follows :

“Game Face.
Fact – you’ve got this. Whether it’s a running a 5k, nailing a job interview, or a consistent skincare routine, everything you need to crush your 2018 goals is already within you. But since we could all use a little extra motivation sometimes, your January Glambag, five personalized pics, and the articles on were designed to keep your game face and ready for anything all month long. We even teamed up with Candice Huffine of DAY / ONE an empowering activewear line, to express that everybody and everybody can slay everyday.
What will you conquer? Fill in the blank on the flip side of this card, posted on social, and tag #Ipsy and #Ipsygameface. Make sure to cheer on other Ipsters too- let’s reach our goals together.

P. S. Looking for even more Beauty fuel? Head Ipsy Shopper to load up on your faves (and get 10 – 30% cash back for everything you buy.) ”

Alright so let’s hop into the contents of my bag. Starting off we’ve got an NYX Lip Lingerie in either Beauty Mark or Satin Ribbon. You could get either one of these two colors in your Ipsy bag and I got Satin Ribbon.

Satin Ribbon is a very lovely nude shade which I most likely will be using a lot. I do have some other colors in the NYX lingerie and I do really like them they’re not too terribly drying maybe just a little bit but you know not anything I can’t deal with. Also they’re very affordable. I am very pleased this is in my bag especially since I’m a nude lip girl. This lip is made with vitamin E so it’s healthy for your lips and its a matte finish.

Next on the on the list is a nail polish by Pretty Woman and it’s in the shade Johnny’s Angels. Johnny’s Angels is a very blue nail polish. It’s not quite Smurf blue but it is pretty darn close. I actually like crazy colors and I have a fairly large nail polish collection. I like to have every color at my disposal if I do not want to go get my nails done. It is fast drying, long wearing, crack and chip resistant. I will definitely give thjs a try to see if it’s crack and Chip resistant. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. I’m all about using cruelty-free beauty products as much as I possibly can.

The next item on the list is a sleep repair renewal nourishing mask by Mudmasky. I love to get Deluxe samples of masks so I can try them out and see if it’s something that I like. Obviously we’re going to like some masks better than others but I love masks in general especially if I’ve had a hard week at work. Normally if I don’t do a mask during the week I will definitely do one on the weekend to just pamper myself and try to relax from the hard work week. In regards to this mask it says it will smooth hydrate and repair your skin overnight. I really like when I can wear a mask over night while it delivers nourishing vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin healthy. It has rose water and contains zero parabens, sulfates, or harsh chemicals.

The next product in my bag is the Mary Lou manizer by the Balm Cosmetics. I love this highlighter and own this in the full size so not sad that I got this little travel-size. It is pretty small but it would be really nice to throw in my purse if for some reason I needed a highlighter on the go rather than taking my entire full-size compact version so definitely pleased with this. It’s a really great highlighter for the price and it’s pretty much a cult favorite. The only thing is if they make this so small it’s kind of hard to get at with a brush and you have to be really really tiny brush. This is described as a warm honey shade that has just the right amount of Shimmer to get you glowing, it is also cruelty-free.

The last and final product in my Ipsy bag for January 2018 is the Briogeo scalp Revival charcoal + coconut oil micro exfoliating shampoo. It has no sulfites, no silicones, and no parabens, this is not something that I have used before so I am intrigued and interested to see how this will perform.  I have used an exfoliating shampoo in the past that came in one of my Play Boxes and actually really enjoyed that however it was more on the pricey side. I will definitely give this a try and see how it does for cleansing and exfoliating my scalp. Apparently our scalp does need exfoliation on occasion, which makes sense since we have skin on our scalps. Also, with it being so cold during these winter months I think this is going to be a great thing to add to my my beauty routine. This shampoo has a minty fresh cooling blend of peppermint, spearmint and tea tree oils to stop itchiness and irritation.

So that’s everything in my Ipsy Glambag for January 2018.  Did you get the same things in your bag that were in mine?
Overall I am very pleased with everything that I’ve gotten. Collectively I received a few things that I’ve definitely already tried and a few that I have not. The highlight for me is the sporty cosmetic bag which will most definitely be used.
Please let me know in the comments below if yours was the same as mine or you got something different! If you are interested in signing up with Ipsy to get your own Glambags each month, please consider using my referral link SIGN UP FOR IPSY!

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