My Sephora Play Box January 2018!

Hello friends and beautiful Betty’s today I am going to reveal to you what I got in my Sephora play box for January 2018.
This month’s box is entitled Happy You Year.
In this box I have gotten 6 products, three face products, 2 lip products and one perfume.

The first product I got is a Nars lipstick in the shade orgasm. This is a Satiny lipstick in an iconic peach pink shade that has a soft golden Shimmer. I prefer this lip shade in lip gloss form. I have used samples of Nars orgasm lipstick previously. In my experience the actual consistency of the stick has been pretty hard not very creamy. With this deluxe sample in particular when I opened the tube the lipstick had broken apart from the bottom and was sticking to the top. I had to fix it by pulling out the stick and trying to reattach it. I will use this sample I do like the color but overall haven’t been very impressed with the quality of the sample. Perhaps the full lipstick size would have a more creamy consistency.

Next in the box I got the Glam Glow super cleanse clearing cream to foam cleanser. This is an ultra creamy cleanser which is a blend of three charcoals to clear pores and remove excess oil and makeup. I have started using this and so far I actually enjoy it. This doez seem to get my face clean and doesn’t leave any residue as well as doesn’t seem overly drying to my face. I will continue using this and may consider puchasing thd full size.

The next product in my Play box is by Becca and it’s a shimmering skin perfector liquid highlighter in the shade Opal. I like Becca products in general I have a few of their pressed highlighters, in fact Champagne Pop is one of mg favorites. I have also have tje shade Opal in powder form as well so definitely excited to give this liquid highlighter a try. Since my skin is a little bit older using a little bit less powder is recommended to prevent powder from settling into fine lines. Not that I have all that many fine lines, but I am over 40 so anything that will help detract from any fine lines is worth a try in my book.

Next is an eye cream by Clinique called the Clinique pep-start eye cream. This is a hydrating and brightening under eye cream that’s easy to pop in your bag for a pick me up throughout the day. This is supposed to help your eyes look less tired with an added brightener, and its powered by peptides as well. I used to use Clinique a lot when I was a lot younger. I stopped using it because my skin changed and I started to break out when I was using Clinque in general. Since this is just eye cream I think it’ll probably be okay and I’ll just pop this in my purse and try try this out a little bit and see how it goes.

Next is the Fresh Sugar advanced therapy lip treatment which claims to be an ultra nourishing and moisturizing lip treatment. Its supposed to keep lips smooth and hydrated. I really love the brand Fresh. I love their rose mask I’ve gotten several samples of that mask and it’s not cheap by any means, but I’m lucky enough to have gotten a few samples of it anf I just love the way it smells. As far as this Sugar advanced therapy lip treatment I have not tried this before. Sinced I love the brand I am excited to give this a try.

The final item that I received in my Play box is the Yves Saint Laurent mon Paris eau de parfum. Its described to be a sparkling fragrance that embodies the spirit of Paris and features notes of red berries pear and creamy white Musk. The fragrance family is floral the top notes are red berries the middle notes are datura peony and the base notes are white musk and Patchouli. I love the smell of this amd considering puchasing a bottle.

So friends that wraps up my Sephora Play box for 2018 of January. What did you get in your box? Did you get the same items in your box? As always it’s been fun spending time with you and we’ll talk real soon bye!

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